Your New Favorite NFT

World of White Dudes is a collection of 10,000 unique, cool and diverse NFT white dudes named Bob who work in the accounting department ("Bob"). Bobs live and work on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Bob is randomly generated based on various traits of differing rarity. Do not judge a Bob solely by his outer appearance; each Bob is a unique individual with his own life regrets and happiness level. 



Diverse Visuals: Outer Uniqueness

  • Diverse White Skin Tones (including sunburned!)
  • Differing Ocular Needs
  • Trendy Work-Appropriate Clothing
  • Differing Stages of Baldness
  • Special Rare Features — Golden Teeth, Shirt "Extras", and More!

Each Bob NFT is guaranteed to be unique in its own special way!

    Hidden Properties: Inner Beauty

    • Names — Each Bob NFT has a name he goes by at the office. He could be Robert; Bobby; Short Bob; or maybe even a Robby! (Rare)
    • Regrets — Not everything is what meets the eye when it comes to the World of White Dudes. Bob is just your average working man and, like most people, he probably has some regrets in life. Only a few lucky Bobs have no regrets.
    • Happiness— Each Bob has a happiness rating (out of 100%). Check under OpenSea's "Boosts" to see yours.

    Each Bob NFT has its own name and feelings. It is up to you to write his story!


    Released — October 2021

    Blockchain — Ethereum

    NFT Contract — 0xD00D1e06a2680E02919f4F5c5EC5dC45d67bB0b5

    DAO — 0xB0BdA0bD3Edc66dd88C977Ce1c915BEf9F7EA765

    Token type — ERC-721

    File hosting — IPFS (pre-minting we host on AWS, post we move everything to IPFS)

    Total number of tokens — 10,000

    Tokens withheld from sale — 250 (giveaways, marketing and team)

    Price per token — 0.05 ETH

    Number of traits — 20+

    Number of attributes — 90+

    Minimum number of traits — 8

    Licensing — NFT owner has commercial rights minus marketplace royalties (2.5% when available, 3% if market doesn't allow decimals)

    Reveal Type — Instant or with a reveal delay (we turn this on when many people are minting at once)


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