WORLD OF WHITE DUDES - WOWD - DAO - Voting Bulletin at the Watercooler


Each WOWD NFT gives you voting power at the watercooler

1 Bob = 1 Vote

For this page to work correctly, you must connect to this site with your wallet (e.g. Metamask) that owns WOWD NFTs. 

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Details: Quorum is based on the number of WOWD NFTs minted at time of the proposal. Only WOWD NFTs minted at the time a proposal is made may vote in that proposal. Each WOWD NFT Bob can only vote once per proposal (e.g. if there is a proposal 1 and 2, and you vote with a single Bob on proposal 1, then you trade the Bob to a friend, the friend can only vote on proposal 2, as the Bob himself already voted on proposal 1). 

Voting Information

Circulating Votes: Disconnected

Quorum Min: Disconnected

Your Vote Count: Disconnected

Proposal Statistics

Off-Chain Proposals: Disconnected

On-Chain Proposals: Disconnected

Create Off-Chain Proposal

DISCONNECTED OR UNMET REQUIREMENT: You must have 11 WOWD NFTs in your wallet to submit proposals. Once you are connected and fufill this requirement, the form should appear.

Off-Chain Proposals

Free Voting /w Signature

You need a MetaMask connection to the Ethereum Mainnet AND at least one WOWD NFT to see Off-Chain Proposals

On-Chain Proposals

Submit proposals directly at:


Warning: it costs gas fees to vote on these.

You need a MetaMask connection to the Ethereum Mainnet to see On-Chain Proposals

(If you have issues, please refresh the page and check your MetaMask)

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